FORMLESS is a Boston, Massachusetts headquartered music technology company with the mission of creating virtual and physical experiences that enable people to live more fulfilling lives. Formless was founded in 2018 by Brandon Tory, a signed artist, former Staff Engineer at Google AI, and former Senior Engineer at Apple. With unique knowledge and experiences gained in both the music and technology industries, Brandon realized that these industries were co-evolving into one, and with that in mind was inspired to create Formless. Formless, as a name, represents the disruption of the typical rigid identity structures associated with either music or technology.

Brandon recruited a diverse team of leaders with strong backgrounds in music, product development, marketing, communications, finance and human resources: Justin Zubrick (CBO), Bixia Mac (CFO), John Morgan (CAO), Jason Martin (COO) and Rashaad Bryant (CPO).

Positing the idea that "Music is software", e.g. that rather than thinking of music as content-only, if we think of it as an executable program ("smart content"), we’re setting out to fundamentally change the industry in which music is served and the infrastructure used to serve it. Smart content includes instructions about content ownership and terms around consumption and exchange that would otherwise be specified by a 3rd party distributor. With the bloom of NFTs we're seeing validation of that theory. 

Our story has led us to a unique recognition of where innovation and the arts intersect, and an understanding of how to use cutting edge Web3 technologies to shift the business model for how content is consumed, optimizing the benefits for both creators and consumers. Formless is the evolved tech company in a future world state where IBM creates music and Rocafella designs software. Formless invests in the production of art and amplifies that art with the technology platforms we design, while also partnering with artists, artist management, and distributors.

In 2021 we partnered with Grammy Award Winner and SongWriter Hall of Fame inductee Dallas Austin to release the album "Unicorn", receiving industry acclaim: "Brandon is one of the most innovative artists of our time" –– Dallas Austin Distribution, "The UN7C0RN project is insane and refreshing" –– Dallas Austin, "Brandon is one of the most brilliant tech minds of our generation" –– RapPlug (Co-Founded by Rick Ross). In the same year Brandon was nominated "New Artist of The Year'' by the Boston Music Awards. 

In 2022 we're building on this genesis story to launch project SHARE –– a blockchain powered music distribution protocol and streaming platform.

In addition to our core business, Formless is deeply committed to engineering for social good. In 2021 we successfully completed a crowd-funding campaign to develop 'Little Hackers', a reusable AR-powered workbook designed to teach kids aged 6+ computer science fundamentals using readability, and to reflect authentic and diverse stories in tech. In Spring 2022, we'll ship over 1,000 first-edition Little Hackers books to customers around the world.